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YES Multidisciplinary Competition Course

How many APs with 5 points and SATs above 1500 would you like to enter a prestigious school based on all A scores? Far from enough!

Especially in recent years, some universities in the United States, including the University of Chicago and the University of California system, have cancelled SAT and ACT requirements, and these cancellations are gradually forming a trend. This is not good news for many Chinese students. In the absence of a unified measurement standard, how can you stand out among the many outstanding applicants and attract the attention of admissions officers? A high gold content competition result will be favored by all prestigious schools.


Announcement of recent contest awards

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​Metro Vancouver's strongest competition coaching organization

Analyzing the data of the past ten years in Metro Vancouver, students who have won awards in major academic competitions have been admitted to top universities without exception.

As a well-known competition training organization in the industry, YES Education Center trains many medal winners every year, many world-class competition champions and national team members. The winning students who participated in the competition successfully entered their dream world famous school.

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Leaded by the founder of the center—a team of famous teachers in the competition

Dr. Luo
Dr. Luo


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Dr. Luo
Dr. Luo


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The founder of the center, Dr. Luo, was the first batch of international students selected by the state after China resumed the college entrance examination, and he studied under the 1993 Nobel Prize in Chemistry winner Dr. M. Smith in the Canadian Protein Engineering Center. Dr. Locke's son graduated from Churchill Middle School in Vancouver, won a gold medal in the national middle school science competition, and entered Yale University, a top Ivy League school.

Founder of the center and leader of the competition team


— Dr. Luo

  • In 2016, 20% of the students in the Canadian National Chemistry Olympiad were students of Dr. Locke.

  • BC began to increase investment in UBC in 2018 to establish a training camp for the Middle School Chemistry Olympiad. Dr. Luo served as one of the instructors.

  • One third of the students in the 2018 BC Chemistry Olympiad Camp are students of Dr. Luo.

  • More than half of the students in the 2019 BC Chemistry Olympiad are students of Dr. Luo.

  • The competition team led by Dr. Luo has won medals in national competitions many times and helped many students enter the dream Ivy League school.


​Year-round enrollment for the gold medal competition class

Regular timetable

(For reference only, changes can be negotiated)

Complete disciplines

Covers almost all the most common academic competition subjects for middle school students, such as mathematics, physics, computer, chemistry, and biology. From low-difficulty competitions organized by universities to high-difficulty national Olympic competitions.

responsibly handle

The preparation for the competition is difficult and the workload is heavy. YES's team not only has a superb level of knowledge and rich experience, but also a down-to-earth, serious and responsible work style.

small class lecture

Give consideration to each student, and do differentiated counseling, in order to maximize the child's acceptance of classroom knowledge.

Teaching and learning

Classes are mainly taught by teachers, with interactive exercises with students to cultivate students' critical thinking skills and improve their ability to learn independently after class.

​Teaching form

In addition to traditional online and offline teaching methods,

The YES Education Center now has an online and synchronized live teaching method to fully take into account the needs of different students.

  • One-on-one with famous teachers​  (We will arrange the most suitable teacher for students according to each student’s feedback after class)

  • Fine small classes (you can enjoy discounts when you organize a class, we will arrange additional tuition for the transfer students to ensure that you can keep up with the progress)

  • ​​ All courses are taught in English (all courses in the center are taught in English, please inform in advance if you need to teach in Chinese)