​About YES Education Center

The starting point of the dream of a prestigious school

  • YES Education Center was founded by Dr. Luo, who has extremely high academic attainments and teaching experience and the parents of Yale University students

  • The teaching team is formed by famous teachers who have advanced degrees in the United States, Canada or Europe, and have rich experience in teaching in English. A strong academic background and a strong sense of responsibility are the characteristics of our school.

  • To maximize the potential of each student and help them realize their own value is the purpose of our school.

  • So far, we have helped many students to enter the United States, Canada and the world's top schools, and have achieved impressive results in numerous science competitions.


Outstanding Features of YES Education Center

  • YES has rich experience : the founder is the parents of Yale University students, and he has personal experience of learning and growing together with his children and sending them to the top Ivy League schools in the United States.

  • YES Teachers Gathering: All teachers in the center have advanced academic qualifications in China, the United States, Canada or Europe, and have rich experience in teaching English

  • YES one-stop service : diversified subject settings allow your children to come here to get a full range of counseling, reducing the road trip

  • YES small class teaching : take into account each student, and do differentiated counseling to maximize the child’s acceptance of classroom knowledge

  • YES teaches each other : the classroom is mainly taught by famous teachers, and it also has interactive exercises with students to cultivate students' critical thinking ability and improve their independent learning ability after class

  • YES communicates with parents in time : According to the characteristics and hobbies of different children, we provide suggestions on children's cultivation to achieve the best learning effect

  • YES has an excellent central location : Located in West Broadway in West Vancouver, adjacent to many well-known public and private schools in BC, the learning atmosphere is positive, the environment is elegant, and the transportation is convenient.