AP course tutoring

AP courses are the stepping stone to entering North American universities,

Understand the main thrust of each stage of the course,

Targeted learning can get twice the result with half the effort!

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Why choose to take the AP test?

AP courses are called Advanced Placement. AP courses are part of American and Canadian university courses that can be placed in high school in advance. AP aims to provide college-level courses for high school students who are able to study.

Can convert a large number of credits and shorten university hours: At present, all universities in the United States and Canada recognize AP test scores. After obtaining the corresponding AP scores, they can be used to redeem the credits and reduce the number of courses to graduate early.

Save high university tuition: The converted credits can save the high university tuition. UBC one course-3 credits tuition is about $3700, AP courses are discounted for 3-6 credits per course, which means that each AP course that achieves the corresponding score can save $3700 to $7400, AP biology, chemistry, physics courses It can also save additional costs for scientific experiments.

Increasing the admission rate of prestigious schools: Generally speaking, 5 or 4 points will be helpful for prestigious school applications. On average, students applying for universities in the United States before the ranking exam will submit 3 AP scores. Students from top universities will even submit 5 AP scores. Three AP Scholar certificates can be obtained, which can increase the chance of being admitted.


  • A 5-point system is adopted, and candidates can get scores of 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5

  • Usually 3 points or more can be transferred to the university for credits

  • A prestigious university usually has a requirement of 4 points or more (that is, A)

examination time:

  • May every year for two weeks

  • Registration time must be completed before March

AP course selection

University students who are preparing to apply for business : AP Calculus AB and BC; AP Statistics, AP Macro/Micro Economics, etc.


University students who are preparing to apply for science : AP Calculus BC; AP Physics 1/2; AP Physics C; AP Chemistry; AP Biology, etc.


University students who are preparing to apply for liberal arts : AP American History; AP World History; AP Humanities and Geography; AP American Politics, etc.


AP five-part class is enrolling all year round

The most professional AP teacher team in Metro Vancouver

The AP teachers in the YES Education Center are all masters and doctors graduated from the world's top prestigious schools. They have many years of practical teaching experience and a unique understanding of the subjects they teach.

The full score rate of some subjects is always higher than 95%

Since YES Education Center opened AP tutoring for many years, it has trained countless AP students with perfect scores, and subjects such as economics, history, human geography, calculus, physics, chemistry, biology and other subjects have maintained a five-point rate of more than 95%.

Exclusive exam preparation materials to help you sprint successfully

The YES teacher team combined with the test preparation materials accumulated over the years, has helped many students successfully achieve a leap in single or even multiple subjects in a short period of time.

AP course schedule for the new semester


​Teaching form

In addition to traditional online and offline teaching methods,

The YES Education Center now has an online and synchronized live teaching method to fully take into account the needs of different students.

  • One-to-one with a famous teacher​  (We will arrange the most suitable teacher for students according to each student’s feedback after class)

  • Boutique small class (you can enjoy discounts when you organize a group, we will arrange extra tuition for the transfer students to ensure that you can keep up with the progress)

  • ​​ All courses are taught in English (all courses in the center are taught in English, please inform in advance if you need to teach in Chinese)