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The full name of IB is International Baccalaureate. It was originally designed by the International Baccalaureate Organization in order to allow children of diplomats who traveled around the world to have a course that can be connected to each other. Later, it gradually developed into an international course.


Why choose IB test?

     Since the 1980s, IB courses have been widely recognized by the global education community, and are currently recognized by more than 3000 universities in the world. The college enrollment rate of IB high school graduates in the United States is 92%, while the average college enrollment rate of all high school graduates in the United States is only 69%. In China, 71% of IB high school graduates can enter the top 500 universities in the world. Therefore, the IB program is also rated as the world's best pre-university high school program, and the diplomas awarded by students upon graduation are also recognized as the world's highest level. High school diploma.


     Students who hold an IB high school diploma can directly apply to universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and other countries. Almost all universities in Europe and the United States accept IB scores. World-class universities such as Harvard, Yale, Oxford, and Cambridge also welcome IB students to apply for admission. Many prestigious schools also provide many preferential policies for IB students, such as credits can be brought to the university, outstanding students can directly take sophomore courses, etc.

examination time:

Students from all over the world follow the same syllabus in the IB system, and take the global unified exam when they graduate, twice a year. The review of test papers and the publication of test takers’ scores are also handled centrally by the IB headquarters. Students who take the exam in May will get their results in mid-July, and those who take the exam in November will get their results in mid-January of the following year.

IB course requirements

If you want to obtain an IB high school diploma, you need to study 6 different subjects, 3 of which must be HL. SL is Standard Level (standard level), HL is the abbreviation of Higher Level (Advanced), the difference between the two lies in the difficulty of the course, the latter is more difficult than the former. Many students who graduated from the IB program believe that the difficulty of HL will reach the level of a university, but if they achieve excellent results in the HL course, it will also bring students a huge advantage in applying for a university. The maximum score for each course is 7 points, plus 3 additional points for extended essays (EE, Extend Essay) and Theory of Knowledge (Theory of Knowledge), with a maximum score of 45 points. The passing score is 24 points, and 40 points or more are required to apply for top universities.


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Metro Vancouver's premier IB tutoring agency

As an authority on IB course tutoring, YES has started IB tutoring since its inception. The founder of the center, Dr. Luo's own child, not only graduated from Churchill IB, the best IB school in Metro Vancouver, but also was admitted to Yale University with a total score of 44 points.

​The outstanding and high scores of previous students are guaranteed

IB has a full score of 45 points. For many years, YES’s planning students have scored more than 42 points every year, and a full score of 7 points per subject is constantly emerging. Many IB students have entered the Ivy League schools in the United States and the world's top universities such as Oxford and Cambridge.

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YES’s IB teaching team is led by Dr. Luo, who has extensive IB teaching experience. It provides IB mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, English, psychology and philosophy and other courses. It also has a large number of exclusive IB teaching materials accumulated over the years, which has helped many The student gets the highest score of 7 points in a single subject

​Teaching form

In addition to traditional online and offline teaching methods,

The YES Education Center now has an online and synchronized live teaching method to fully take into account the needs of different students.

  • One-to-one with a famous teacher​  (We will arrange the most suitable teacher for students according to each student’s feedback after class)

  • Fine small classes (you can enjoy discounts when you organize a class, we will arrange additional tuition for the transfer students to ensure that you can keep up with the progress)

  • ​​ All courses are taught in English (all courses in the center are taught in English, please inform in advance if you need to teach in Chinese)